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Our Philosophy

Our program is designed to promote the development of the whole child, in a child-centered environment.  This involves presenting children with quality materials appropriate for their level of development in a manner that is pleasing aesthetically, encourages creativity and allows them to build on concepts.  Because our teachers see themselves as facilitators, they are very careful not to present models of work to children or ask them for products.  Process takes precedence over product. 

All of the activities are process oriented.  Creativity is innate, and our curriculum honors that.  Child-initiated activities are autonomous endeavors that contribute to cognitive development as children are actively engaged in the processes of making their own colors, balancing block structures, problem solving, etc.

The teachers role in the environment is that of observer, stage manager (implementing and supporting the planned and emergent curriculum) and mediator, each teacher works to promote resilience and mastery in play.  Within the context of a specific relationship, each teacher is thoughtful about how, what and when she speaks and acts, so that her support of the child is useful.​

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