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2024 Summer School Registration Form and Information

2024-2025 Enrollment Application and Information

2023-2024 Enrollment Application and Information

2023-2024 Bright Days School Calendar

2023-2024 Tuition, Early Drop-off, Lunch Bunch, Extended Day Rates

Enrolled Student Packet: The following paperwork is required to be on file before your child attends.

  1. Enrollment Forms Receipt

  2. Family Information Form

  3. Personal Rights

  4. Parents' Rights- LIC995

  5. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment

  6. Identification and Emergency Information

  7. Physician's Report

  8. Health History- Parent's Report

  9. Admission Agreement 2023-2024

COVID-19 Health and Safety Procedures:

Bright Days Preschool Control Procedures (Parent Information) - Updated 7/2021

Bright Days Preschool COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan - Updated 7/2021

As Needed:
Parent Consent for Administration of Medications 
Only needed for required medications.
EFT Authorization Form
September tuition is due by check.
Electronic Fund Transfer is available and optional for October through April tuition.
EFT is not available for registration, lunch bunch or summer school tuition.

Related Documents:
These documents are provided for your information but do not require you to submit anything.
Bright Days Parent Handbook
CUMC Safety Regulations and Map
Notification of Parents' Rights
Child Abuse Pamphlet
AB 2370 Lead Bill Flyer
Caregiver Background Check Process
Daily Schedule
Tips on Making a Smooth Transition from Home to School



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