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Our Programs

Our program is designed to promote the development of the whole child, in a child-centered environment. This involves presenting children with quality materials appropriate for their level of development in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing, encourages creativity and allows them to build on concepts. Further, in their roles as observer, stage manager and mediator, our teachers work to promote resilience and mastery in play. Within the context of a specific relationship, our teachers are extremely thoughtful about how, what and when they speak and act, so that their support of the child is useful.

The heart and soul of Bright Days is the commitment of our teachers to the establishment of quality, caring relationships with the children in their care. That is how they are able to foster resilient minds and promote healthy development of the child.

Class Schedules and Information


Our school year program runs from September to May and summer school program is offered in June and July.

  • Classes:  Our school year program as well as our summer school program offers three classes: 

    • 2’s Class

    • Multi-age Class

    • Year before Kindergarten Class

  • Teacher to Student Ratio:  Our classes have a maximum teacher to student ratio of 7:1, with smaller ratios for the younger classes. ​

    • The target class size for the 2’s class is 12, the multi-age class is 18 and the Year before Kindergarten class is 21.​​

    • Class sizes vary depending on the overall enrollment in the program. 

  • Hours:  During the school year program, the 2’s and Multi-age classes begin their day at 9am and the Year before Kindergarten class at 8:45am.  During summer school program, all classes begin at 9am.  Dismissal is noon in both the school year and summer school programs.

  • Days:  All classes are offered Monday through Friday, with an enrollment schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, or all five days.

  • Extended Day:  Extended day and Lunch Bunch is available Monday through Friday from noon to 1pm or noon to 1:30pm or noon to 3pm. Students enrolled in Extended day and/or Lunch Bunch will need to bring a packed lunch to school.

  • Enrollment:  Enrollment for the school year program begins in January and for the summer school program in February.  Enrollment priority is given to families currently enrolled in the program.  Children can enroll mid-way into both our programs, if space is available.

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