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Outdoor Classroom

We consider our play yard as an Outdoor Classroom with the space, materials and activities intentionally provided and planned to allow children to interact with the environment, and peers, in a way that encourages social emotional development as well as cognitive and motor development.   Our extended outdoor time allows ample, uninterrupted exploration of a variety of activities. There are many spaces that allow for pretend play as well as constructive and large motor play. In addition to the intentional set up of the environment, and access to a variety of materials and loose parts daily, activities are planned that bring learning traditionally thought of as indoor learning to the outdoor environment.  For example: reading, drawing and writing, and art are all activities that our children regularly engage in and are exposed to in our outdoor environment.   Children can observe living creatures (slugs, snails, beetles, etc) in the terrarium in our outdoor classroom.  Our garden is active all year round and the garden curriculum includes opportunities for the children to harvest and taste seasonal fruits and vegetables and learn how food grows.

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